If you’re a designer and in the fortunate position like myself to stay busy with work, it means your own site ends up getting a bit neglected. While work certainly hasn’t slowed down, it was time for a rebuild regardless of time constraints. It ended up meaning a slightly incomplete site for a few weeks, but it just wouldn’t have been done otherwise and is surely an improvement over the last design!

I’ve tried to set a goal of having a yearly rebuild/refresh of the site. While I loved the old site, it wasn’t a responsive design. The design from two years ago (seen with the motorcycle) had some responsive design but was still a bit clunky as it was implemented in the earlier days of responsive layouts. I then decided to go back to a fixed design (seen with the car, my first WordPress site) to allow less worry of break points, compatibility issues, etc. As of the past few weeks, I knew it was time to get back to a mobile first layout. And while the design could have been turned into one, it seemed like a good idea to revamp it completely in order to provide for more strategy and flexibility moving forward while practicing the art of branding and keeping design motif/elements the same as the previous design.

Either way, you can be the judge of which layout looks best!

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